Leaked: Samsung Galaxy S3 In A Dummy Cover, S-Cloud Seeding


Here are a couple of leaks which matter if you are looking forward to the successor of the Galaxy S2 – a video from Vietnam was leaked that showed off the alleged Galaxy S3.

The leaked device is apparently with a dummy panel, so as to not leak out the original design of the device. The internals, however, are as true as they could be. For a prototype, at least. There’s a Quad core Krait processor under the hood, with an overclocked Mali 400 MP GPU. Which is, according to sources, 50% faster. There’s 1 GB RAM, an 8 MP main camera and the screen resolution is 720 x 1184, at 320 DPI. There could be changes in this, says another source of mine, but we’ll see.

Apart from the device, Samsung is said to be ready to unveil its own cloud service, which is being called S-Cloud. Like Apple’s iCloud, this service is based on Microsoft’s cloud technology, which is sort of ironical, considering Apple and Samsung are rivals.

Leaks suggest the service offers 5 GB free storage, but that could be paltry, and it pales in comparison to Microsoft’s 25 GB free storage its Windows Phone users get.

Meanwhile, the video of the alleged Galaxy S3.

Surely, May 3rd can’t come soon enough.

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