LG, Samsung, Google Rumoured To Be Readying To Compete With Apple’s Rumoured iWatch

This race is gaining runners by the day – First, it was Samsung which got itself pitted against the non-existent, rumoured Apple’s iWatch.

LG Smartwatch

Wearable computing seems to be the next big thing, if these rumours are anything to go by. Although Samsung is credited with making a smartwatch as early as 1999, and again in 2009, the concept hasn’t taken off yet. And now that the rumours of Apple making its own smartwatch are increasing by the day, Samsung threw its towel in. Then rumours started making the rounds that Google is also working on one. So, how could LG be left behind?

The Korea Times is reporting that LG is working on not just a smartwatch, but a Google Glass-like wearable computing device. It could either run Google’s Android OS, or Mozilla’s Firefox OS.

Party crashers of the tech world.