LG To Rival Samsung’s Galaxy S3 With D1L – Krait CPU, 4.7″ HD Display, LTE


Hm, if you, like us, were wondering that Samsung’s Galaxy S3 would grab I all the attention, then perhaps LG has the answer.

And it’s a No.

At least it’d be thinking so. Why?

Because, it turns out, LG has a competitor planned, and the launch may also coincide with the Galaxy S3’s. Just how wise that is, I don’t know. Because, most of us are excited about the Galaxy S3, and I’m not sure if I’ll, like many others, even remember LG’s device.

That apart, reports suggest that it may come with a 1.5 GHz Dual Core Krait CPU, and obviously enough, LTE. There will also be a 4.7″ HD display. And Ice Cream Sandwich as well, out of the box.

Let’s rewind – Dual Core CPU, LTE and 4.7″ display. Oh, HD display. All of which are nothing many existing devices don’t already come with. At least, there’s nothing new, to put that in another way.

So yeah, LG, why would you think people would pay attention to D1L (what a name!) ? I’m sure I am not excited. Not one bit.