Samsung Announces Galaxy S3 Mini, Says There’s High Demand For 4″-class Devices

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung lifted the covers off the Galaxy S3 Mini, the “little” sibling of the current Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S3. The company’s mobile head, JK Shin, unveiled the device and said the device will not be an entry-level one, as the name suggests. Instead, he said that the device will have “full form factor”. What he might have wanted to say is that the device will have the specs to set it apart from entry-level devices, or that it would pack the same power as the Galaxy S3.

He also pointed out that there’s a high demand in Europe for such 4″-class devices. Apparently, bigger is not always better, some people think. I used to find the 4.7″ display of my Galaxy Nexus to be pretty huge, but now it seems just normal. What do you think?