Samsung Does A Flip, Makes The Galaxy S3 Available In 28 Countries

Samsung Galaxy S3

Just yesterday night, Clove had said that the Galaxy S3’s Pebble Blue version had been delayed by a week or so, and the Marble White by a couple of days. It seemed legit and first, and although it still may be right, Samsung has just announced the availability of the Galaxy S3 in 28 countries ’round the world. Oh, this is just a start.

Samsung informs us that its latest flagship will be made available in 145 countries and 296 operators by July. That’s huge, whichever way you see it. The press release is in Korean, and although I tried to get help from Google Translate, it still is not understandable. Hey Samsung, get a goddamn English editor. You are an MNC, now act like one.

via Samsung