Samsung Galaxy S2 specs Leaked

The much awaited successor of Galaxy S, the Galaxy S2 finds itself amidst leaks (you know, it’s always like that with upcoming devices. Always). According to Pocket Now, the Galaxy S2 will have a Dual Core Qualcomm processor, clocked at 1.2 GHz, totalling to 2.4 GHz of processing power! It may also sport a 4.3” S-AMOLED+ display of WVGA resolution. It is also rumoured to be sporting an 8 MP snapper, full HD recording capable @30 fps. There’s supposedly 512 MB RAM (low?!), and the usual suspects, BT, GPS, and the current favorite, 4G LTE (from another source). This snapshot from Pocket Now should explain it all.

And ofcourse, our estimate says it’ll come with updated version of Gingerbread (V2.4)


Posted by Wordmobi