Samsung Galaxy S2 Will Get Android 4.0 ICS Starting March 15. In Israel.

SGS2 ICS Israel

We all love Facebook, don’t we? Okay, not all of us do. But well, brands do. And here’s another announcement that’s been made on Facebook. Mind you, it’s an important announcement – if you’re in Israel, and happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S2, you are in for a treat. Samsung is going to push the much awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update for their current flagship device. Awesome? Sure it is.

Not from Israel? You may have to wait longer, I guess, since there’s no information available yet, about this. Not a leak, nothing. Also, if you’re device is locked to a carrier, you may have to wait longer. Which should be another example and a reminder to you that if you love getting updates faster (who doesn’t?), you’re probably better off with an unlocked, non-carrier branded device.