Samsung Galaxy S3 Delayed In The UK – Pebble Blue By A Week

Samsung Galaxy S3 delayed in UK

If you’re one of those guys who couldn’t wait for the stocks of the Galaxy S3 to arrive and pre-ordered one, here’s a bad news for you – the Pebble Blue version has been delayed by a week or so, according to an eMail from Clove, to Slashgear.

Samsung has had some issues with the Pebble Blue back covers, we all know. They even had to trash thousands of them, and so, the delays aren’t surprising. Meanwhile, the Marble White version has also been delayed, but by only a couple of days. It was initially supposed to arrive in stock on May 30th, but that will only happen by the 1st of June.

That’s not a big deal. Oh snap! All in jest guys! I know how difficult it is to wait for a new gadget, I really do.