Samsung Galaxy S3 US Launch On Schedule, i.e., June 21st

Samsung Galaxy S3

Remember Apple trying to get an injunction against the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the United States? Well, if you don’t, the Cupertino did try to prevent the Galaxy S3 from being sold in the USA. But, the launch will happen, according to Judge, Lucy Koh, who’s hearing the case.

The Judge has a rather trivial reason for delaying the hearing – this would overload her calendar, in which she’s already hearing another Apple suit against the same accused party, Samsung. Judge Koh advised that Apple could get a TRO – Temporary Restraining Order, against Samsung, but said that would also delay the other lawsuits filed by Apple against Samsung.

Now I’m not going to go in to the details of patents and how they work, but had someone copied my work, as blatantly as we’re used to seeing Samsung do, then I’d be as angry as Apple. But some of the lawsuits and points where Apple has raised its voice against Samsung, they’re too trivial. Or against HTC, for that matter.

Blame it on the faulty patent system of the US.