Samsung Launches TecTiles, Wants You To Program NFC Tags On Your Own

Samsung TecTiles

Samsung unveiled a new accessory today, and it’s got something to with you and NFC. It’s called TecTiles, and I have no freakin’ idea why, but it’s nothing but programmable NFC tags. You can program the said NFC tag to do any of the stuff which I’ve mentioned below, and there’s an app that lets you do it easily. Think NFC tag programming for noobs.

Samsung TecTiles android app

Settings & Apps:

  • Change Phone Settings
  • Launch an App
  • Join a WiFi Network
  • Show a Message

Phone & Text:

  • Make a Call
  • Send a Text Message

Location & Web:

  • Show an Address or Location
  • Foursquare Check In
  • Facebook Places Check In
  • Open a Web Page


  • Share a Contact
  • Update Facebook Status
  • Facebook Like
  • Tweet a Status
  • Follow a Twitter User
  • Start a Google Talk Conversation
  • Connect on LinkedIn

Now it’s pretty good and stuff, for Samsung to do this, but I am not sure it’s productive in any way. Probably I’m too old-school, but I don’t find these tags worth their price-tag – $14.99 for a pack of 5 NFC tags.

These TecTiles will be available alongside the Galaxy S3 in the USA, at all the four major carriers, and in some other major retail stores. The app is available for free in the Google Play store.

via Samsung