Samsung Offers Dock ala Atrix For The Nexus S


Nexus S users have their own reasons to be unhappy with Samsung and the Nexus S itself. There have been quite a few issues/bugs since it was launched. And now, the Atrix is so hot on it’s heels that there’s nothing so special about the Nexus S anymore.


As you may know already, one can dock-in the Atrix and enjoy it on their laptops etc. Now, Samsung have come out with a dock for the Nexus S, so that you can enjoy the content in it on a laptop. There’s nothing much in there actually. Only one USB port is available. No HDMI (or mini HDMI unlike the Atrix’s dock) port as well. However, it is priced at $39.99, around 20 bucks less compared to the Atrix’s dock, which comes with 3 USB ports and a mini-HDMI port as well.

Currently, it’s only available from Samsung’s Web Store, so if you feel like getting one, hit here

It is currently ‘Out Of Stock’, I find.

Happy Dockying! Stay Hooked!

Posted by Wordmobi