Samsung Shows Off S Pebble MP3 Player – Looks Gorgeous

SGS3 S Pebble

Amongst all the oohs and boos at the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3, the company also showed off an MP3 player. And unlike most of the stuff that Samsung doles out, this thing looks gorgeous.

The MP3 player resembles a pebble, and hence the name. It comes in two colors – Pebble Blue and White, and is more of an accessory rather than a dedicated MP3 player. It comes with capacitive media controls, 4 GB internal memory and features SoundAlive for more powerful bass. It can play music for 17 hours. which is sort of impressive, given its size. You can synchronize your music from the Galaxy S3 with the S Pebble using a USB cable. I’d expected more – sync’ing music by touching the SGS3 and the S Pebble, to be precise.

I’m scouting for more information as we write.