Samsung: “We’re Not Doing Very Well In The Tablet Market”. Because Sometimes, Just Flooding The Market Ain’t Enough


What we all knew, has been made official – Samsung isn’t doing as well as it would have wanted, in the tablet space. That’s what a Samsung executive, Hankil Yoon said, yesterday, at the MWC. Sort of funny, seeing just how many Galaxy Tabs are out there in the market, in various sizes, with a dozen different names for each size (okay, atleast 3-4 names each). Who would have thought, though, that someone from Samsung would accept it?

It reinforces my belief that these manufacturers, not just Samsung, are at fault – they’re focusing more on quantity rather than quality. Which is hilarious. Either all of them don’t know what they’re doing, or they’re bad at portfolio management.

Look at ZTE for example – they were doing quite good, launching good devices, but yesterday, they launched 4 nearly similar tablets. What could have been halved to two, will now be sold in the market as 4 different devices.