Samsung Will Update The Galaxy S Advance To Jelly Bean, After All

There were these reports flying in about Samsung retracting on its words that it’d update the Galaxy S Advance to Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean, after one of the Samsung accounts of Facebook said that the update will be pushed. Today, via Facebook again, Samsung said that the update will be pushed out in January.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance JB

Earlier, there were statements which said there will be an ICS update, which were taken back, but Samsung later said that they’ll jump directly to Jelly Bean, which is not bad at all. It’s really good, in fact. And Samsung seems really eager to update as many devices it can to as latest a version of Android, which is a really nice change. The eagerness could be for any reason, but the customers should be happy Samsung isn’t abandoning them, which is what matters end of the day.

Here’s hoping others follow soon enough.