Sony Remembers Its SmartWatch, Pushes Out A Software Update

There has been so much buzz about SmartWatches lately, I’m a little dizzy. I mean, watches are worn to look smart, professional yada yada. But if the latest rumours have it their way, watches could as well become another face feeding us information. You know, it’s too annoying to have to take the phone out of your pocket to see what notifications you have pending.

Sony SmartWatch

This has probably reminded Sony that it came out with a SmartWatch of its own before it was cool. They’re pushing out an update to their accessory via Google Play. If you happen to own one, you should check your Android smartphone for the notification (ha. ha.). The changelog for your perusal –

  • Six new watch faces, something for everyone – retro, wacky, contemporary…  each with different functionality. Wake the watch face up with a double tap, a ‘my gesture’ movement detection or by moving the watch towards you with a twist of the wrist (Motion Clock face).
  • Notification previews – see snippets of your messages, tweets and wall posts, when notified of new interactions.
  • Smoother search – with around 200 SmartWatch apps (and growing!), added categorised sorting/search to make it easier to find what you want.
  • More intuitive, aligned interface across SmartWatch and Smart Connect
  • Improved battery level indication    

The company is also rolling out new wristbands, so if you’re into this product, you might want to check ’em out