Three Sony (Ericsson) Phones Leak – Nozomi And An Un-named Duo, Take Our Breath Away

Time to drool, folks. Three Sony Ericsson (I’m confused about the Ericsson part of it) have been leaked. And they look very good. Apparently, they’re all almost rectangular in shape, but don’t look anything like any other phone out there (*cough*Samsung*cough*), so you know, it is absolutely possible and within the limits of human imagination. Nothing surreal, but nothing you’ll find elsewhere. So you know, if some Korean company genuinely tried/tries, its products can look different.

Sony Ericsson Nozomi

Coming back to the devices leaked. The first one is the Nozomi. It was leaked before as well, you’d remember. Today’s leak further confirms the previous leak (yeah?).

Apart from the Nozomi, renders of two other devices were also leaked. They’re branded just Sony, though.



The names of the ‘Sony’ branded devices haven’t been revealed yet, and there’s a good chance they’re not high end. Just look at the last device, so uninspiring. But the Nozomi definitely looks good. They should all be released during CES 2012.