808 PureView Is Coming To The US, Says Nokia US Prez, Chris Weber

Nokia 808 PureView coming to the US

The entire North American wasn’t included in the list of countries where the Nokia 808 PureView would be launched. Then as time passed, it was confirmed that the device would come to Mexico, and now, Nokia’s US President, Chris Weber, has confirmed that it will be coming to the States, after all.

Nokia wasn’t going to launch any S40 or Symbian device in the US, so it’s rather surprising that the 808 PureView will be launching there. I wouldn’t speculate if the Windows Phone-only strategy is working out for the company or not, but I’ll say this – the 808 PureView is not an ordinary Symbian device, and the Symbian OS itself doesn’t mean much when the camera is plain brilliant. If it’s going to sell, and do well, it’s going to be because of the camera, and not because of Symbian. So the theory that “Hey the Lumias aren’t doing well in the US, so they’re bringing the PureView” doesn’t mean a lot at this point in time.

Well anyway, the 808 PureView is going to be sold unlocked, meaning there won’t be any subsidies, so the price for buying it outright may be a bit high. North of $700? Probably.