All Say Whatsapp!!

Wondering what’s with the title? It’s simple – what’s up… Errm.. Whatsapp! Well, don’t get confused. I’m talking about the popular smartphone messenger, Whatsapp – popular among all the major OSs.


So, how does one go about and use the app? What is it and how does it work? Well, no worry, we’re here to guide you through all of it.

First of all, get the App from the Ovi Store, all for free. The App starts as soon as the installation is over. Then, provide your mobile number, and allow the App to send a text message to verify It. That’s it. As simple as that!






Favourites shows the users in your phonebook who use whatsapp too. The application works on your data network and you can select Access Point or even Wi-fi to use it. What does it mean? Savings on your phone bill. The UI is pretty basic, hence the high usability.

Our Words
We like the App pretty much for what it is intended. But then, there’s Twitter for conversing. This app is good only when the people whom you text regularly also use it, so while its great, we would like it even more if it was not just for smartphones (pardon us, love smartness but, our friends too need to have smartphones).

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