Angry Birds: Easter Eggs Reach Symbian Before Other Platforms

See what we have here – Angry Birds, the wildly popular multi-platform game, has received a new version – Angry Birds: Easter Eggs. While this update has reached only Symbian at the moment, other platforms will receive in some time. If you have purchased the game once, you need not shell out more money. Just update to receive the new version.

Angry Birds Seasons: Easter Eggs! Spring is upon us and the time is ripe for some chocolate eggs and easter bunnies! So shed the winter gear and get in – Easter Eggs have never been this delicious! If you think St. Patrick’s Day was a blast, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet! This episode will again prove that Angry Birds is the most generous update giver of them all! If you already have Angry Birds Seasons, get the latest update by pressing the update button in the application’s main menu.

Visit the Ovi Store to purchase it if you haven’t already.