AT&T and Nokia team up to bring the X7


So finally, the ‘Leaked’ games start, in 2011 that is. This time from the Symbian side. Quite interesting huh. It’s the X7 folks. Apparently, it features a 4” CBD-AMOLED display, Symbian^3 ofcourse, an 8 MP snapper, and 4 speakers that may make you to not use that favorite Headset of yours. The design is pretty ugly, though, not Nokia thoroughly. But still, if that’s what the Americans want, be it, says Nokia (wait, they seem to).


Mind you, a video way back in November ’10 first leaked this device, so there might be many changes under and above the hood, so don’t just yet form a conclusion about. We’ll let you know when you can decide on it! Stay Hooked!


Posted by Wordmobi