Behind The Screens: How Nokia Manages Superior Call Quality In Its Phones

Nokia Antenna Labs

Nokia’s phones – both dumb and smart – are known for the great call quality. We’ve all come to love this aspect of owning a Nokia phone – the phones don’t lose signal as quickly as the competitor’s phones do, and the in-call voice call is second to none. But how do they do it? Nokia blogger, Jeppe, explains it on Nokia Conversations.

Randy Leenerts, a member of Nokia’s Antenna Test team, along with his team, tests the innards in the world’s quietest place – an Anechoic Chamber. It’s a huge metal box, keeping out all the radio waves from the outside, but on the inside, there are cone-shaped absorbers filled with Carbon, to catch radio waves. Think of it like a simulation of the outside world, complete with towers which transmit the waves, only that they’re cone shaped absorbers filled with Carbon, in the box.

As long as we can make and receive calls peacefully, we cannot complain, can we 😉