Best Twitter Client for Symbian

Look At All Leading Twitter Clients Lately I was having a discussion with my friend regarding which is the best Twitter Client for Symbian phones and surely the issue is worth of a discussion considering how boring and slow it is to access from browser. We came out with 4 apps which are worth to try out… Read on to find out..

Those are Socially, HipLogic , Gravity and Snaptu . Lets have detailed info. about them.

Socially – The social networking aggregator combines all the leading services inclusive of Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare . Its Twitter service is pretty good. The app enables to have your updates on the phone screen which is really unique feature. Due to this, user don’t have to open the app every time to check the updates. and you can adjust the auto-update interval.

Main factor which I didn’t like about the app is sometimes it takes load of time to update and which is pretty disturbing for twitters like me.also you can’t add multiple accounts in this app. Cost – Free My Ratings – 3 / 5

HipLogic – Though still in early stages this app seems to be promising with its functionality and availability of various services. Its Twitter client is neat and easy to use. Plus it shows the enables you to post from the app desktop so you won’t have to wonder a here and there just for a 140 characters’ tweet.

Setback of this app is that its setup size is 6.7MBs and sometimes app fails to respond and gets really slow. You wont be able to add multiple accounts in this app too. but still I would recommend to try your hand on this. Cost – Free My Ratings – 3.5/5

Gravity – More like a professional app, it provides various services to users and its Twitter client is pretty good. This app has never failed my expectations. It supports multiple Twitter accounts and updates automatically. It provides mantle functionalities like adding your location while tweeting, uploading photos, drafting and so on.

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Well there are not any particular negatives with this application. only thing is that it’s not free, so its your choice whether to incur cost for free social networking sites or not!! But still its value for money.

Snaptu – Its my one of the favourite mobile app of all time. Its  easy to use, efficient, minimal in size and never disappoints you. I liked its tweeting app because it’s very very fast. This app makes tweeting hassle free and also supports multiple accounts like Gravity.

It doesn’t allow you to upload pics in the tweet which is really disappointing. apart from that I couldn’t find any more negatives.

Download Links:

Socially (free) – HERE

HipLogic (free) – HERE

Gravity ($10) – HERE

Snaptu (free) – HERE

Let us know which is your favourite Symbian/Java Twitter Client and the one which you are currently using!