Damian Dinning To Leave Nokia At The End Of November

Damian Dinning

Shocker, but not really. Damian Dinning, or @PhoneDaz, is leaving Nokia at the end of this month. If you still don’t know who he is, then he’s the vision behind the PureView technology which wowed the world when Nokia launched the 808 PureView. Or Nokia’s Imaging lead, in other words. For a company proud of its Imaging expertise, this should be a heavy blow.

It’s not really clear as to whether he is leaving the company, or was forced to, but November 30 is going to be his last day at the Finns’, and he actually dropped a hint on Twitter a couple of days back.


Where could he be headed to, then? Samsung? Jolla? What do you think?


Phonedaz Dandelion Samsung

Edit: @adrian13th on Twitter pointed out how Damian’s Twitter cover photo is that of a Dandelion, which, as we all know, is one of the wallpapers on Samsung’s Galaxy S3. I think it’s a subtle hint of where he is headed to.

Update: Damian will be joining Jaguar Land Rover, a part of India’s TATA group. He sent the response to Marc of PureViewclub, and you can read his complete reply there.

Good luck Damian, and thanks for the N8 and the 808 PureView!