Download: Midnight Pool 2

GameLoft has been releasing a slew of games on the Ovi Store for quite some time now. So, whats new, you may ask. What’s not old is that it has been releasing some premium games, all for free. I came across this cool games Midnight Pool 2 today and gave it a try on my E63.


There were many pool games that i just chose to ignore in the past, partly because they were on a slower side and partly because they came at a cost. So, the ‘free’ tag and that it was by GameLoft made me download it. By the looks of it, it is sexy no doubt. But how does it fare? Take a dive.

There are 3 modes of playing – instant play, career mode and two players.


The instant play version is the fastest way of playing a game. It’s a game between you and the CPU, or whatever, as you all know.


Before going forward, you have to select the game format – 8 Ball US, 8 Ball UK or 9 Ball.


The screen looks something like this..


Next, we chose the career mode. You get to choose the player you want to be and all sundry things. There’s a wide range of options to try to modify and play around with things – shop, trickmaster, opponents, et al.





We quite didn’t fare well. Winning the first challenge and the bet, we lost the second one.


Though the gameplay and the players look cool, the game didn’t quite go down well with me. The theme was awesome, what with a range of options and 3 gameplay modes and formats each, the game was slow. Too slow to say rather. After every foul, the screen freezed and i had to hit skip and ok number of times. Good work GameLoft, but, you’re not just there.

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