Download: Ninjani Emperor’s Revenge, reviewed!

Oh yes!, i’m back again with my download-cum-review articles. Its been quite some time because i didn’t find anything interesting enough to write about. But now, i have this wonderful game that i downloaded from the Ovi Store and fiddled with – Ninjani Emperor’s Revenge!


Ninjani Emperor’s Revenge is from the makers of Dawn of The Fly Barking Seed . We were mighty impressed with Dawn of the Fly , but did Ninjani impress us? Read on to find out!


This game follows a story – some centuries ago, in the Ninjaland, some Ninja Assasins killed the emperor and kidnapped his Bride, Princess Kumi. As a player, you don the role of a Ninja and your mission is to bring back the Princess.



The gameplay is simple. There’s a building in each stage in front of you. The ninja assasins come to try and kill you. You have a weapon called Shuriken to kill them and save Princess Kumi.


While you kill the enemies, some potions with a ‘+’ symbol drop by, hit ’em with your Shuriken to increase your health. Kill Ninja assasins and progress to next level – as simple as that.



You’d say what’s difficult, but trust me, the game gets difficult from the second stage itself. Yes, i admit to not being able to clear the second stage! There’s option of uploading your score online and seeing where you stand among other Ninjani’s in the world! Awesome! There’s no in-game ads too!!

Wonderful game Barking Seed , keep up the good work!

Get the game now from Ovi Store

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