Download: SmsLive from Ovi Store, preview-cum-review

Okay, i did find this app in Ovi Store, but ignored it for a long long time – i made an assumption that the app is just to update Facebook and Twitter updates by sending an SMS! Yes, the intoduction in Ovi Store doesn’t convey the message properly. Lets get down to what it is..


This application roots deeply into the device, hence, once you’re done installing SMSLive, the device reboots. Once it restarts, the way you view your inbox also changes! This is how you view your message.



As you can see, at the end of the screen, there’s a small box that displays some stuff – SMSLive’s ads, jokes, news et al. You can view the full message by highlighting the small box and clicking on it. It comes up something like this –




Scroll left or right to view more stuff. Pretty cool and nifty – something that existed even in SMS2.0.

Coming back to the core features, SMSLive has some added functionality like private sms, facebook, twitter integration and shortcuts to Windows Live Hotmail and Messenger.




You can setup your Facebook and Twitter accounts by going to settings option. Provide your Email/username and password and SMSLive will do the rest. Yes, I liked this too. While I didn’t expect the app to be so good, now that I know how good it is, I really desire another feature – tighter integration between Messaging, Contacts, and SNS. Maybe this is asking for too much, but then, it is something that I’m looking forward to in the future.

Before I conclude, there’s a trick that is very handy.



Isn’t that cool?! Yes, cooler that the capuccino seller’s UI!! I was caught off guard – I thank God that I did discover this thing pretty soon.

We strongly recommend SMSLive if you need even one of the mentioned features. Great work Affle .

Download the now from Ovi Store

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