[Updatedx2] It’s Official – Nokia 808 PureView is ready for grabs, costs Rs. 29,999

It’s official! Nokia India’s online store has just made it official that 808 PureView will be priced at INR 29999 only. Remember, we told you first!

Okay, well, I’m totally excited about it. We had reported about this price even when Nokia hid the price on its online store in India, by going through the source code of the page. Nokia later denied the report, saying it’s a dummy price and that it was placed just for the purpose of having a price in there. That statement was certainly questionable, and here we are, vindicated.

Oh. You can check out the PureView listing on the Online store of Nokia India here.

Excited? You bet! Are you? The market price could be a bit on the lower side, by a couple of thousand Rupees, and that’s certainly a very good price.

UPDATE 1: Last night the status was out of stock, but it is available now :)

Update 2: Boom. They pulled the price. Hilarity ensues.

Prashant Gupta

A medical student and smartphone lover.

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