Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2, Windows Phone 8 Show Up On The HTML5 Test Site

HTML5 Test WP8 Belle FP2

Here’s a good news for people who are using Windows Phone, or are waiting to buy one, when Apollo, aka Windows Phone 8, will be announced later this year – the browser that Microsoft will be using in Apollo is going to be very good, or at least that’s what the scores suggest.

Here’s a little number crunching, vis a vis Windows Phone –

  1. Windows Phone 7 scored just 25. Plus 0 bonus points
  2. Windows Phone 7.5, aka Mango, scored a good 141, plus 1 bonus point.
  3. Windows Phone 8, which is still under development, scored an impressive 298, plus 6 bonus points.

To put that into perspective, Mango managed to increase the score by over 450%, over Windows Phone 7. Now I wouldn’t say that’s excellent, seeing WP7 could score a measly 25, but it’s quite good. Now, comparing Mango’s score with Apollo would be better, since 142 is a good score. So, in that respect, Apollo gets about 162 points more than Mango, which is an increase of over 110%. This means a lot more than Mango’s gain over WP7.

What does that mean to you, as an end user?

Simple. Browsing should be much more delightful. Internet Explorer 9 (the one you get on Mango), is already very smooth. I’ve been doing a lot of browsing on the Lumia 710, than I have ever done on mobile. Probably the fluidity of the OS in general is the reason, but that does not take away anything from the fluidity of the browser. It’s one of the best stock browsers on mobile I’ve ever come across, although it may not be very configurable.

Coming to Symbian – according to the site, Nokia Belle FP1 (for 603, 700 and 701) scores about 212, plus 9 bonus points. Aaaand, Belle FP2 (for 701) gets 242, plus 9.

If you pay attention, Belle FP1 isn’t out for any Symbian device (only the PureView 808 has it running), and the site already has scores of FP2! Also, the FP1 scores are those of the 603, 700 and 701, which conforms with Nokia’s statement that FP1 won’t be out for older devices. Next, FP2 scores are only of the 701.

Does that mean the 700 and 603 won’t get Belle Feature Pack2? Interesting!


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