Nokia Confirms Meltemi Will Run Qt, And That Meltemi Exists


Nokia Meltemi

Whoops, see what just got confirmed. Meltemi exists. And it’s Nokia’s. And Qt will be a part of the OS.

Sorry, couldn’t control myself. In a LGPL file over at, Nokia revealed the existence of Meltemi. The file that’s been put on the site is a part of QtSensors middleware for Meltemi. The file apparently talks about proximity sensor, if I’m not interpreting it wrong. But that’s not relevant.

To put it in plain terms, the rumors about Nokia using Meltemi are (seemingly) true. And that Qt will be a part of this OS is also true. What remains to be learnt is whether the OS is based on Linux or something else, or is entirely based on Qt. I’m not sure about either, but I’m leaning more towards the former.

via @kypeli

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