Nokia E6, E6T-00, N8-01 And Three Other Symbian Devices Leaked

Alright, I’ve just stumbled across a huge leak that shows 6 new Nokia devices, all probably running Symbian^3. Those new leaked devices are:

  • E6-00
  • E6T-00
  • N8-01
  • X7-00.1
  • T7-00
  • C7-00i

Pay attention - there's E6-00, E6T-00, N8-01, X7-00 and T7-00!

....and here's the C7-00i

That is a huge leak. Half a dozen devices leaked all at once? Now the “we-will-sell-150-million-more-symbian-devices” makes much more sense and yes, I’m starting to believe it now. What do you think?

Hit this link to see for yourself. Be quick though.

via Idea and Nokia Reviewz.