Nokia India’s Online Store Reveals (Sorta) Pre-order Price Of The 808 PureView – INR 30,000

Nokia 808 PureView India Preorder

Nokia’s gotten everyone excited about the 808 PureView. The 41 MP camera, and the PureView technology, both combined together, have already created some rather stunning images and videos. More on that for another day.

So yeah. Great cameraphone, great marketing, and all has gotten everyone excited about this device, and many are scouring for pricing details. We’ve been excited as well, so yeah. Today we stumbled upon this rather little secret – Nokia India’s online store has priced the 808 PureView at INR 29,999 (or 30,000 as a round figure). That’s about $561 at the current exchange rate.

Oh, and before you say, the online store doesn’t really display the price online. We viewed the ‘Page Source’ in Google’s Chrome browser, and here’s the proof –

Nokia 808 PureView India Preorder

If that is something you’d take with a pinch of salt, here’s another proof. It’s the price of the Nokia E5, which is listed at INR 9,999. We viewed the Page’s source, and found out that it was indeed 9,999.

Nokia E5 price

Here’s how you can find out for yourself – go to this page – the 808 PureView page on Nokia’s online store. Right Click -> View Page Source -> Press F3 -> Type productDefaultPrice. Voila.

You can check this out with other phones listed there as well, just in case.