Nokia: No 808 PureView For North America. They Want To Give You PureView With Windows Phone

Nokia 808 Pureview

No surprises about this one, really. But if you were expecting that Nokia would budge and make the 808 PureView available in the North American region, you are in for disappointment. Nokia Developer site has a small detail that most of us didn’t manage to point out earlier, which says that the device won’t be available in the aforementioned region.

Probably because they want you to use their Windows Phones, which, in future, will come with the PureView tech. Not in the current iteration of Windows Phone OS definitely, but probably with Apollo. Meanwhile, we need some information about Apollo eh. I’m digging. Let’s hope some details emerge soon.

Oh, you’re from NA and want the 808 PureView? You may have to find some sources to import, that is all.


Rounak Jain

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