Nokia To Replace S40 With Linux Based Meltemi To Connect The Next Billion?

Nokia Connecting Next Billion Meltemi

Meltemi, or MeeGo Lite, that is what could replace Symbian S40 (woohoo!), according to a report by WSJ. Course, Meltemi is still a code name, and sounds weird for a mobile (smart or not, I don’t know) OS. But Harmattan sounded weird too, so quite a possibility the name remains.

Moving on, Jay over at My Nokia Blog has made some interesting points. Remember Elop’s statement about connecting the ‘Next Billion’ ? S40 certainly does not have it to connect people. Connecting no longer means Calls and SMSs, if you’re wondering. To me, calls and SMSs are a minuscule part of staying connected. Twitter, Facebook, IM, Emails, that is what is connecting. S40 can no doubt achieve that, but not very smartly. No multitasking, nothing. Frustrating. Meltemi could possibly pave way for a smarter OS that can connect the ‘Next Billion’ in a better way. So yeah.

Next up, if Meltemi is indeed smarter, it’d possibly need a better processor. 1 GHz processors for S40 make it an easy guess Meltemi would have them. Also, Elop said Qt will live on, and so will elements of Harmattan, as seen on the N9, namely, Swipe UI. Brilliant. There’s not a single person I’ve come across who has not praised what he has seen on the N9 in form of demos, also at And if that lives on, and comes to Meltemi, it’d be good, both for the end users and Nokia. Sweet. Windows Phone covers the top tier, Symbian the middle tier (for now) and Meltemi the bottom tier – this should place Nokia nicely. Profits? They’ll come once this strategy pays off and Nokia actually makes a sincere effort to sell its products.

If everything falls in place, there are just more than future disruptions that Nokia can create. The execution matters the most now than it ever did.

What they’ve done with N9 still disappoints me, for I absolutely like how everyone got up and took notice that the Finnish giant has done a compelling job, after a long time. But it looks like it was necessary for the N9 to fail not only for the first Nokia Windows Phones to fly, but the entire bet on Windows Phone to be won. If Windows Phone succeeds, and Nokia comes back, Elop would have played the most dangerous gamble of his life, and won it. But it’s not just too early to say what will happen, it is just too immature to say just anything about it (never mind what that Russian says, he knows he’s merely doing guesswork and for you-know-who). Lets wait and watch while the Finns try to escape the tragedy that looks at them in the eyes and rise again. Only time will tell.

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