Symbian’s Death – Imminent or a Desperate Hoax shoutout?

Rounak Jain

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27 Responses

  1. Stan says:

    Nokia and Symbian are for real users, others are for stupid posers like Paris Hilton 🙂

    P.S. Great article

  2. Arun8gb says:

    Good read. Glad that you wrote this post!

  3. androsym says:

    😀 that’s encouraging!

  4. thunderror says:

    Agreed. I’ve tried iOS as well as Android, and completely agree that Symbian has real potential. Just because you have a new OS around the corner, is no reason to bash up the old one.

  5. vinitneo says:

    good article but the future of Symbian is still not hazy as Nokia is going to switch to Meego for high end devices. Most of the people are not interested in low end devices which are going to come with Symbian.

    • androsym says:

      as far as i believe, meego will only be used for mini-computers aka N900 types. Symbian is an all rounder, and that is why it is not going to die. Nokia has only N900 running on meego, everything else is symbian.

  6. Tyson Key says:

    Finally! Some analysis that isn’t all doom and gloom. 🙂

    As a staunch supporter of the Symbian Foundation and the Symbian Platform, I remain hopeful that things will pan out for the best in the long term – although I’m rather cagey and woried at the moment, based upon things that I’ve heard from folks in the know.

  7. kevwright says:

    Hey, you guys keep on thinking iPhone is just eye candy, and Symbian “smartphones” are outselling the iPhone by a huge margin.

    Don’t worry about the fact that the iPhone is at least £500 and the Nokia “smartphones” being quoted are mostly under £100, that is OK.

    Keep those heads firmly in the sand, it suits Apple just fine 🙂


    • androsym says:

      here you go, iBoy! Tell me if can send a file over bluetooth to other phones? Tell me if you can do a normal video call to other phones.. You cannot, eh? Tell me if you can do real multitasking? Yes, there’s a big price difference, but that’s because iPhone buyers are being duped. Lets not get personal when one cannot do a decent voice call over an iPhone.

  8. stephenquin58 says:

    Good balanced article, I’ve been a Nokia user for years and still prefer Symbian, my major disappointment with my N97 is speed and lack of memory, both seem to have been addressed with Symbian^3 so I think I’ll be happy. As for ‘eye candy’ it’s a very subjective thing , and although I’m a bit of ‘tech geek’ and am interested in various phone OS’s I will stick with Nokia if the new handsets give me what I want, multi tasking, speed and reliability. I don’t buy a phone as an accessory, I buy it to phone, txt, surf the web and to carry multimedia with me. Also the fact that the UI isn’t ‘pretty’ on Symbian means the current users, of whom I think will not even use 30% of the features available on there current handsets, will stick with it because it maintains a comforting familiarity, which Meego, iOS and Android don’t ! What’s the point alienating 41% of mobile phone users ?

    • androsym says:

      my point exactly – who’ll let go 41% of the market share? Not even a 5th standard kid. Symbian, as it is going to be called from now, will give users what they hoped from N97, plus, something that they or others haven’t expected from anyone. USB to go is a novel feature and hence, Nokia is back to its innovative ways.

  9. smartfonefan says:

    I would say that is a fair assessment of the situation.

    Nokia are far from over as you say largest market share. Alright competition is picking up but this is good for us and the manufacturers. They have to produce better devices and we as consumers benefit from more sophisicated smartfones.

    Companies shed jobs so they can be lean and agile for the future and to the weather the current economic climate.
    I was surprised there was so much negative press for the N8 and I would agree these sites have loyalties elsewhere.

    The N8 is one of the most feature packed smartfones out there! Alright its not perfect none of them are but its damn good and I for one think Nokia are a great company I’ve never had any problems with them in the 10-12years I’ve been using their products.

    heres to a bright future for Nokia….

  10. oviabhi says:

    Great post bro. keep it up.

    Symbian never dies…..

  11. Saharabased says:

    This is indeed well put. However, as I said before, one only has to look at the target audiences and the current trends. Virtually every site I checked for reviews on S3 and the N8 have made identical points. They have not been simply bashing the phone, but all (or most) agreeing that the hardware is first class, but S3 is dated, and this will not attract new users.
    No one can argue about Symbian’s multitasking ability or how efficient it is. And no amount of blog posts about how “Symbian is for real users, Android and iOS are for kids” will change the fact that more and more younger users going for smartphones will be swayed by the ‘eye candy’ ! I am an Apple Mac fan, yet the iPhone does not appeal to me. I am quite happy with an iPod Touch and the iPhone is too restricted in usability ! But Android might do much better, and Symbian/Nokia need to come much better if they are to compete, and not rely on sales numbers worldwide alond, as even it seems to be slipping in traditionally strong markets like India etc.
    I really would like to see S4 step up to the plate, and hope there still IS hope !

  12. stoli89 says:

    Nokia’s recently announced approach to prioritize Qt as it centerpiece for UI development going forward is both excellent news for the Qt developer and Nokia smart-phone user. No more compatibility break with the now defunct Symbian^4 (Orbit UI). In fact, it’s now just called Symbian, with rolling improvements. The Symbian OS has been refocused to CORE OS functions, with the UI stack being delegated to Qt. Same for Meego. I think this is a really smart move and a game changer. No other OPEN smartphone system has been so structured to avoid fragmentation. Under Qt, the developer momentum should be fun to watch.

  13. Anonymous says:

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