[Video] Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Talking About Meltemi And Some Clipper Programme


Umm, I just happened to come across this video on YouTube, a while back, where Nokia CEO Stephen Elop talks about Nokia’s strategy henceforth. For starters, I’m not really sure, but it looks like it’s after the N9 launch in Singapore.

Do note that Elop mentions –

  • S40
  • Clipper programme
  • …and the underlying Meltemi software effort
  • Delivery and Launch
  • Services – Location and Commerce
  • Deliver differentiation to Windows Phone and Mobile Phones (the feature phones, which run on S40, and which Meltemi is supposed to replace) platforms
  • Strategy and efforts needed going forward

Meltemi was mentioned only once, but it does enough to provide some credence to the report yesterday. Elop also talks about connecting the next billion.

The video:


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