WhatsApp Denies It’s Selling Out To Google

One of the most popular messaging apps across OSs, WhatsApp was recently rumoured to be acquired by Google for a sum in the vicinity of a Billion Dollars. Today, its Business Development Head, Neeraj Arora, has denied those rumours, saying they’re not in sales talks with Google.

WhatsApp-Google acquisition

Earlier in December, there were rumours of a Facebook buyout, but Arora had denied those rumours as not being factually correct.

I for one welcome this news. Sure, it’d have meant WhatsApp for Android would have gotten better, or Google would have done something good with it, integrating it into its own messaging system, but I also believe they would have pulled the plug on the Windows Phone, Symbian and S40 versions of the app, citing low usage or something similarly vague.

Let’s hope they stay independent.