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Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE

Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE From Sprint – $200, ICS, 1.5 GHz Dual Core Processor

Another day, another ridiculously named device from a US carrier. This time, it’s from Sprint and Motorola, and it’s called the “Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE”. At the outset, it doesn’t seem as ridiculous, but read the name once again, and you’ll realize how much pain we all go through. Ranting aside, the Photon Q […]

Motorola RAZR V

Alcatel OT986 And Motorola RAZR V Headed To China – Upper Mid-range ICS Devices

I don’t ever remember posting about an Alcatel device till date, and I’d never thought I would. But anyway, here’s an Alcatel device, codenamed OT986. It was leaked beside the Motorola RAZR V, another ICS running Android smartphone. Both are headed to China, as the title says. First up, the Motorola RAZR V comes with […]

Motoblur for ICS

Motorola Demos Its Skin For Android 4.0 ICS – Things Aren’t As Bad As Before

Motoblur, Motorola’s custom skin for its Android devices, is something I could rant on and on about, alongside Samsung’s TouchWiz. Both of them would just be shitting around with Android, making it look ugly and all. Although TouchWiz does add some nifty little features, I could get them with mods. However, I’ve rarely recommended anyone […]


After China’s Approval, Google Finalizes Motorola Mobility Acquisition, New CEO Appointed

After finally getting China’s approval, Google has now finalized its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, one of the top dogs in the early 2000s. This is probably speculation (there are murmurs) that Google will not be producing hardware branded as Google – hardware as in, smartphones. They’ll probably be doing some Research and Development, and at […]

Kyocera Hydro

Kyocera Shows Off Hydro And Qwerty Slider Rise – Both Running ICS

Sometimes, it’s not the big companies which do the innovative, or off the beats stuff. Kyocera has done something which not many other companies interested in carrying on. Heck, HTC even went on to say that people like thin devices, and don’t mind compromising on the battery. They even said they won’t be manufacturing Qwerty […]