Alleged Windows Phone 7.8 vs Windows Phone 8 Feature Set Leaked

Leaks are always welcome, really. But some times, some leaks are really obvious. Here’s one such leak, from WP7Forum. The site’s in Russian, and I’ll save you some time here.

WP7.8 vs WP8

The said leak suggests that there won’t be any Skype integration in Windows Phone 7.8 (is there a name for this version?). That’s not a big news – 7.8 is still based on the old Windows CE kernel, like Windows Mobile. It’s Windows Phone 8, that’s based on the new Windows NT kernel. In normob-speak, there’s a tonne of difference between the two, not just above the hood, but under it as well. Oh, and yes, Skype will be integrated in WP8, aka Apollo.

Aside, the leak also mentions that TV programs’ recognition will be improved in Apollo. That’s new, so we’ll be looking out for more on this.