ChevronWP7 Labs discontinues $9 Unlock Tool

The world is sure coming to an end, atleast for WP7. After MetroTube ( one of the best youtube client) and Mehdoh ( one of most popular Twitter client), ChevronWP7 has decided to discontinue its $9 unlock tool. New developers and users will now have to shed $99 to unlock their devices. ChevronWP7 had agreed with Microsoft to sell 10,000 tokens and  their unlocking frigate has hit the iceberg.

“ChevronWP7 Labs enters the New Year with 10,000 token sales under our belt. Hooah! Nearly 90% of the tokens we’ve sold have been used to successfully unlock a Windows Phone thus far.

Our agreement with Microsoft was to sell no more than 10,000 tokens. Our team doesn’t currently have plans to renegotiate this number, although it’s a matter we’re still discussing.”

The Chevron team has no plans to restock the tokens in near future. There should be no problem for professional developers as Microsoft is offering them free devices but part time devs and users will have to pay $99 to unlock their devices.