Everything About Windows Phone 8 Will Be Unveiled By Nokia And Microsoft, Including New Lumias

I was wondering about this yesterday – whether or not Nokia and Microsoft will unveil the new features of Windows Phone 8 alongside the new Lumia smartphones. I also said it’d be a half-assed launch if new WP8 features aren’t announced, because in a week from now, Apple is going to unveil the new iPhone, and iOS 6, together. People would have forgotten about Windows Phone 8 after that, so yeah.

Stephen Elop

Stephen Elop clarified this to WSJ Live, and said that new Lumias will be launched, and all Windows Phone 8 features will also be announced/revealed. All of them. He also quipped at Samsung, saying anyone can stand up and launch a device.

“Any company can choose to stand up and hold a device and say “We’re launching it”. We’re proud, tomorrow, to be showing the very first working Windows Phone 8 device with everything unveiled”

He also says that the fans will be able to see the full power of Nokia’s R&D teams, and that these features have been years in the making. Whether this means we’ll see a PureView device or not remains to be seen, but we tried to look into alternatives of/to this technology.

Fine, I admit it – I’m excited. Sorry Rovio!

Source via WSJ Live