Facebook Beta For Windows Phone Released, Probably The Best Facebook Experience On Any Phone So Far

Something good just arrived on Windows Phone. What? A Facebook app. A revamped, mix of Metro and Facebook’s own UI. There’s an official app already, standing at v4.2.1, but it’s best ignored to say the least.

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone

The existing app adopted Windows Phone’s Panaromic UI, but it was never a good experience. Both the apps are still published by Microsoft, but the screenshot above should give you a glimpse into the new app.

It’s available as a Beta, and will install beside the existing app, so you can continue to use both for all you like.

Initial impressions: The app is on steroids. It’s only the first beta, but it’s the fastest Facebook experience I’ve ever had on Android and Windows Phone. And it’s also as smooth as it could ever be. One more thing; images in the News Feed finally fit in the box, like they’re supposed to. In the Android version, they exceed the box boundary lines, which makes the entire thing look pretty bad. Yes, I have an OCD about UI inconsistencies.

Really nice job, Microsoft/Facebook/whoever is responsible for this.

PS: The app won’t show up in the search results on the Windows Phone Store. Grab it from the link to the Store listing below.

Windows Phone Store