How To: Download Apps On Windows Phone From Phone And PC


Well, Windows Phone 7 is quite new and many do not know a lot about it. Did you know you can actually download apps from the Marketplace on your computer. Moreover, purchase an app even when your Windows Phone is not connected to the computer and the app will be installed on your device within 24 hours OTA! Wonderful.

Now lets take a look at how to go about using the Marketplace.

1. First of all, you’ll need to have a Windows Live ID to use services like Zune, XBOX Live. Sign in if you already have one, and you’re good to go.

2. Get the Zune Software here

Now, downloading apps directly on your Windows Phone is pretty easy.

1. Tap on ‘Start’, select ‘Marketplace’. Flick through the lists and find apps that may interest you.

2. Next, select your desired app. Tap on ‘Install’ twice to download and install it on your phone.

3. If the app is a paid one, tap on ‘Buy’ and select Install. Some apps can be tried before buying. If you’d like to do so, select ‘Try’

4. If you are purchasing an app, after selecting ‘Buy’, you’ll be asked to confirm the purchase. Confirm and the download will begin.


5. Find Apps under ‘Apps List’. Games can be found under ‘Games Hub’.

Here comes the interesting part, i.e., downloading apps using PC.

Connect your Phone to your PC using the USB cable.


1. As said earlier, make sure the Zune software is installed on your PC.

2. Go to All Programs>Zune. Sign in with your Windows Live ID.

3. Click Marketplace > Apps. Under Devices , click Windows Phone.

4. Click on the app for Trialing it or ‘Buy’ to purchase it. Select ‘Free’ if the app is free.

PS: If you purchase your app from Zune while your phone is not connected to your PC, the app will be downloaded over the air within 24 hours. If you subsequently connect your phone to your PC, your items will continue to download over the air.

Hope you’ll get it right with this guide. Stay Hooked!

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