How to : Stream any video file from PC to WP7 device

Yesterday I posted a tutorial about “PC File Transfer” app that allows streaming of media from your PC to WP7 device. However the app has some limitations. It only allows streaming of supported formats. This made me hunt for a better solution. A few months ago @nilayshah80 had suggested tversity for streaming videos to N8. Luckily the same procedure works for WP7.

Before trying this make sure you have a decent wifi/3G connection. If you are behind a firewall, disable it. Streaming is data intensive so it would be better if you have an unlimited data plan.

Download the tools

Download and Install Tversity(free) on your PC.

During Installation you’ll be asked to select the folders you want to share. You can change them later on. You may be prompted to install some codecs. They are required for transcoding so accept that request.

If you plan to access your media library outside your home network install Tversity client from marketplace

Setting up Tversity

  • Setting up Tversity
  • Open Tversity on your PC. You’ll be greeted by a welcome screen



  • Click on settings tab. Under General Category make the following changes
  1. Media Playback Device : WMV9 Video Device
  2. Leave IP address blank and Port 41952 unless you are sure about what you are doing.
  3. If you want to access your Media on the go that is outside your Home network check the box below IP address (The media server should accept request)
  4. Uncheck the HTTP Proxy


  • Under Transcoder category make the following changes
  1. Set When to Transcode to Always
  2. Check Decrease the bitrate if too high for my network
  3. Change the Maximum Video Resolution depending upon your connection speed. For most users 640*480 will be good.
  4. Check Use direct show for Windows Media Encoding…


  • On the top left of Tversity window there is a plus sign. Using it you can browse and select folders you want to stream.


Grab your IP address

If you know your IP address skip to the next step. Otherwise open go to Start on your PC and type cmd. Hit Enter . In the Command Prompt window type ipconfig and hunt for the ipv4 address.

Note it down. From here onwards I am assuming your IP to be It can be anything so make changes accordingly in the next steps

Streaming on WP7 device (in home network)

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Type in address bar (Replace with your ip address)
  • You can now browse the shared files. Tap any file to begin streaming.

Streaming on WP7 device (outside home network)

  • Open the Menu and tap on connections

  • Tap on the + sign.

  • In the Add Server screen, give any name to the server. Type in your ip address. Leave port unchanged. Type same the username and password that you entered in Tversity earlier.


  • Hit save.
  • Select “My stream” (or the name you gave) from Connections pane and tap the Check sign below.

  • The app will now verify the connection.

  • Now you can browse and stream your media library.


I used the free version of Tversity remote and it shows annoying ads as you can see above. So if you are going to use this on the go better purchase the full version.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Have any queries? Drop them in comments section below.