IM+ Beta Coming To Windows Phone Next Week

Sneak Peek at IM+ for Windows Phone

You may have been left wondering when would the popular IM client for smartphones, IM+, would reach your beloved Windows Phone. Sure you may have. IM+ already exists on other OSes already, so it’s a given that the app would reach Windows Phone sooner than later. Apparently, the app was supposed to be coming this January, but as you see, it hasn’t. But now it looks like we’re almost there. A report over at wpcentral says that it should be coming by next week.

There’s a rider, however. You’d need to have a Developer device with you. Read the excerpt from ShapeService, the developers of IM+, themselves.

Dear WP7 users! Thank you so much for your interest to be the first to try IM+ on WP7 platform!

We’re sorry for the delay, the development for this platform takes a bit longer than we expected. Anyway, good news for today: the beta testing will be public. However due to technical restrictions you will need the Developer’ phone to participate in beta testing. More details on beta will be announced next week

So there you have it. *Looks out for a Dev device*

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