Images Of Nokia Lumia 720 And Lumia 520 Leak, Reminiscent Of The Lumia 820

Just as I was wondering why no new Nokia phones have been leaked ahead of the announcements at the upcoming MWC 2013, @evleaks is at it. Two new devices, Lumia 720 and 520, have been leaked. These are probably the first press images.

Nokia Lumia 720

There’s Carl Zeiss branding on the 720, but it’s missing from the 520. There’s a lot of bezel on both the devices. Of course, the two devices are slightly different in design from the Lumia 820, but they do look a lot like the latter.

Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia is rumoured to announced a flagship device, probably Lumia 1000, but that we’ll find out on Monday, when Nokia will be holding a press conference. It starts at 1300 hours, IST, so keep an eye here, we’ll be updating as fast as we humanly can.


Rounak Jain

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