LG Miracle Could Be A Mid-range Windows Phone With A NOVA Display

Like they say, a leak a day keeps the naysayers away (I totally made that up), here’s an LG Windows Phone (ooh, that’s a rarity) named Miracle, featuring LG’s ultra bright NOVA display.

LG Miracle

There are some more details that have been leaked along, but I’m not impressed in any way you ask. First, the Miracle is supposedly coming with a 1 GHz processor (we’re talking about single core processors), unlike the 1.4 GHz processors, which seem to have become a norm in the Windows Phone ecosystem. Most (or all?) of the second gen Windows Phones come with a 1.4 GHz processor, so I’m not too sure why LG would come with a 1 GHz processor at all.

But, it could be because of Tango. Tango is supposed to bring Windows Phones to the low-end, so that could be a possibility. Other than that, we know that the phone will come with a 5 MP main camera with ability to record 720p (HD) videos, and a front facing VGA camera. There’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and… NFC in the mix too. Interesting.

Come MWC, we should know more.