Mango Update Could Be Windows Phone 7.1 Instead Of 7.5

The preview event of Microsoft (showing off the next big update to Windows Phone, the Mango update) is still some hours away, but the leaks have started, officially. What you see above is a screenshot from the MSDN blog. A whole world of updates to APIs and all were announced at Mix 11, but the version number of the Mango update was not revealed. Up until now, it was being referred to as 7.5 across the blogosphere, but it could very well turn out to be 7.1. With the small change in the version number, I sense that Microsoft thinks this is a small update. If it is so, we could very well be looking at a brighter future for the OS, as there will be hell lotta updates when the version number changes from 7.1 to 7.5 or even 8, for example. We’re not complaining, seriously.

via MSDN