Nokia Fluid Running Windows Phone 8 Apollo Spotted In Stats

Nokia Fluid WP8 Apollo

Stats are mostly boring for the majority of us. Us as in, you, dear readers. I love stats (if I’m in the mood). But here’s something that none of you will not be be excited about – a Nokia device, named Fluid, running Windows Phone 8 Apollo has been spotted.

There’s no pic of the device per se, but we found the data on LynxInteractive, a company which has been publishing apps, but known more for its Windows Phone device stats (I discovered that they develop apps, today). The said device, Nokia Fluid, is running v8.0.9670.0, and as most of you following Windows Phone news would know, it’s Windows Phone 8. Currently, we have devices running Windows Phone v7.x.

Nokia Fluid WP8 Apollo HTML5Test data

Couple that with data, which shows Windows Phone 8 getting a total score of 306, we definitely know there are devices on which Apollo is being tested on.

Can’t wait to see more details? Neither can we. Stay hooked.

Rounak Jain

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