Glance Screen Beta For Nokia Lumia 925 Brings Double Tap To Wake, Sales Start In Germany

Remember the Nokia N9? Oh yes you do. It had a very, very nice feature called Double Tap to Wake. Tapping twice on the device’s screen would wake it up, allowing you to either have a quick look at the notifications, the clock or to unlock the device. I’m not sure if it was present on any other device before it, but Nokia’s now brought it to its Lumia range of Windows Phones.

Nokia Glance Screen Beta Lumia 925

The Glance Screen ‘Beta’ app will sit on top of the standard Windows Phone lockscreen, and there will be a clock that will be visible all the time. It should take very less power on devices with LED screens, but nothing is known yet about the ones with LCD units. At this moment, the app is exclusive to the Lumia 925, but will soon be available to most of the Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8. That will happen after the Amber update that Nokia’s preparing for its devices, which is reported to come in July.

And oh yes, the Nokia Lumia 925 goes on sale today, starting in Germany.

via Nokia

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