Nokia Lumia 710.1 (RM-809) For T-Mobile USA Passes FCC Test

Nokia Lumia 710 T-Mobile

Remember we reported that the Lumia 710 was going to touch the shores of the United States? And then, Nokia denied the report? Well, we’d assume a mobile company wouldn’t put stuff in big pictures on their homepage ‘just for information’, like Nokia wants us to believe. Never the less, let’s take their word to be true for now.

However, the guys at WPCentral spotted that the Lumia 710 has passed the FCC test. So? This version of the device is compatible with T-Mobile’s unique 3G 1700 MHz band. Apparently, it happens to be Lumia 710.1 and not just 710. That’s another difference.

But that doesn’t mean the device is indeed going to be launched. It may not be, and Nokia may be launching its Windows Phones in the States only in 2012. We’ll find out sooner than you think.

Rounak Jain

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